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Small Business Marketing

Simple & easy to implement strategies to bring new customers to any small business without having to spend a fortune on advertising. 

Author & Consultant Michael Alos has personally helped businesses in nearly every industry implement effective marketing campaigns. In this book, he gives you the knowledge to easily build effective marketing campaigns for your business.

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About the Book

The Simple Small Business Marketing book will give you the strategies you need to start attracting more customers to your business immediately. If you don't want to spend a small fortune on advertising...this book was written exactly for someone like you.

What's Inside the Simple Small Business Marketing Book?

  • 77 simple and easy ways to promote your business and increase sales, using low cost strategies.

  • 2 Secret and ‘Stealth’ strategies for finding new customers that I guarantee your competitors don’t know about. (Page 86)

  • How to make powerful offers to instantly attract new customers to your business. (Page 23)

  • How to sway even the most skeptical prospect into buying your product or service. (Page 20)

  • Innovative ways to other people to market your products at no cost to you. (Page 38)

  • A practically no cost way to make all your employees happy, while getting them to sell more. (Page 48)

  • The biggest mistake that small businesses are making that’s costing them thousands-of-dollars and how to correct it. (Page 103)

  • The little known secret top online retailers are using to increase their profits on the Internet and how you can do the same. (Page 26)

  • The most important element to attracting more new customers than you’ll ever need. (Page 66)

  • How you can "give something away" to generate large numbers of leads. (Page 42)

  • How to guarantee 10%, 25%...or 50% more sales by asking a simple question. (Page 68)

  • These 3 little words that will change how you market your business and attract new customers. (Page 70)

  • How to get FREE money and marketing support from your suppliers.  (Page 89)

  • The most important element in any advertisement which when included, you force your prospects to read your advertisements. (Page 66)

  • Why putting your telephone number in any advertisement is costing you new customers. (Page 65)

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What Readers Are Saying

I'm fortunate to have business owners saying nice things about the Simple Small Business Marketing book.The Buzz

Business owner Joel W. said, "Michael reveals the strategies every small business needs to not only survive the recession, but also profit during the recession."

Online retailer Joe W. said "...Michael saved my business!"

Another business owner John C. increased his closing rate from a bleak 13% to 90% in just 2 weeks after being exposed to the techniques in the book.

Locksmith Sal T. had this to say "Michael's concepts and techniques are so easy and simple that you'll be amazed at how easy they are to grasp." Over a 30 day period, Sal increased his new lead flow by 79%.

About the Author

Michael Alos is a consultant and author with expertise in demand generation, revenue strategy, CRM and sales & marketing technologies. He is a firm believer that that Sales and Marketing both need to be accountable for revenue and work together to achieve revenue goals. Through his consulting firm,, he works with small and medium businesses helping them achieve their sales and marketing goals.

You can reach Michael via his website: or his Author Page.